Press Releases - 2012

22/08/2012 Inauguration of Citizen Help Desk
13/08/2012 Commando Demonstration of Kerala Police Thunder Bolt on 14/08/2012
28/07/2012 Citizen Helpdesk
23/07/2012 Kerala recorded first position in submitting charge sheets
23/07/2012 Railway Passengers safety "SUBHAYATHRAMANGALAM"
27/06/2012 Priority to be given to the Petitions / Complaints from SC/ST
23/06/2012 Petitions through Janasevana Kendra
12/06/2012 Constitution of Special Investigation Team
07/06/2012 Stringent Action against Police Personnel who involved in crime cases
04/05/2012 Sun films should be removed from Vehicles
22/04/2012 Special Investigation Team constituted
05/04/2012 Intensive action to reduce death rate by Road Accident
03/04/2012 Senior Citizens Service Bureau
13/03/2012 Attukal Pongala : Cases withdrawn – action dropped
16/02/2012 Helmet checking will be tightened
14/02/2012 First meeting of the State Security Commission will be on 15/02/2012
10/02/2012 Press news is baseless
09/02/2012 Creation of Special squad for investigation of Bomb Making
08/02/2012 Help to reduce Road Accidents