Press Releases - 2009

31/12/2009 Karunagappally Gas-Tanker accident
29/12/2009 Road Safety: Kerala 2009
28/12/2009 Number of Road Accidents is reduced on Christmas Day-2009
23/12/2009 Common facts relating to Imigration Clearance
22/12/2009 Special attention for Sabarimala Pilgrims
21/12/2009 Care to be taken by women labourers who are going abroad
19/12/2009 Care to be taken by labourers who are going abroad
15/12/2009 Care to be taken to the labourers who are coming from other states
12/12/2009 Care to be taken before engaging marital relationship to foreigners
15/12/2009 Information about the service of Kerala Police in Sabarimala
26/11/2009 List of Officers awarded Badge of Honour for the permance in crime investigation
24/11/2001 Awarding Badge of Honour to Investigating Officers for Excellence
21/11/2009 Coastal Police Stations in Kerala