India International Trade Fair - 2016

Kerala Police won the award for the best stall in India International Trade Fair - 2016

Digital Innovations by Kerala Police Stall Biggest Attraction in IITF Kerala Pavilion

From Kerala Police stall at the Kerala Pavilion in the India international trade fair, you can learn and experience a few useful life saving tips through various digital innovations.

Alert System

One of the most unique items is a QR Code based alert system which describes how to send alert messages using a QR code scanner from their Smartphone in seeking on the spot police help which works on GPS based tracking and SMS system. This can also be installed by a Residents association for their inmates through which on the spot alert messages will be sent to their security room at needy times.

Women Self Defence techniques kiosk

Women Self Defence techniques kiosk is another attraction which offers hands on training to the viewers followed by a live demonstration to deal with threat situations like bag snatching, chain snatching, harassment in public places, sexual assault and the like. Methods to find out spy cameras are also described by the Police team.

Virtual Police Station

A novel concept of “Virtual Police Station” is also displayed which helps people to lodge complaint or seek police help or speak to an SHO without going to a police station. Being largely viewed as a masculine space still, this initiative provides shy-free access especially to women to approach police.

Mobile App ‘Raksha’

A mobile App ‘Raksha’ which provides handy information on all police activity, legal provisions and safe travel tips telephone directory and facility for a few online services like payment of fines is another initiative displayed here. The biggest advantage of this App is the facility to find out nearest police station and speak to an SHO through GPS tracking which is of highly useful for travellers who visit the State.

Our Team at IITF-2016

Other Software Services

New initiatives of Kerala Police like Sabarimala virtual queue, Cyber dome to track and check cyber related crimes through public private partnership, citizen portal for police services etc are also displayed well in a comprehensive manner. Free Booklets and brochures on safety tips are also available in the Stall.

Our Team

Led by P S Rajasekharan, Deputy Director of Police Informations and Najeeb Muhammed, Deputy commandant, Police Welfare Bureau, a team comprises of cyber experts of Kerala Police who include Mathew Simon, system analyst, Vipin Chandran, RSI, Sirajudeden, Joshy of Police computer Cell, Anu S Nair and Shifin C Raj of Police Information Centre is in charge of the stall providing all relevant information on safety and security.