58th International Conference on Policing - 2014

Kerala Police is proud to Co-host the International Conference on Policing by Consent, along with IPES, on Policing initiatives around the world, which aims to bring police researchers and practitioners together to facilitate cross-cultural, international and interdisciplinary exchanges for the enrichment of Community policing practices. It aims to correlate and codify the various practices in Innovative policing that exist in various parts of the globe, so that there is a clear exchange of ideas and practices which can help to strengthen this concept for the betterment of the community as a whole

The compilations of all the selected papers from the meeting will be published by the IPES and Kerala Police and will be supplied to all the participating delegates with a purpose of highlighting current, innovative Police practices from all over the world; providing opportunities for exchanges between Police practitioners and researchers; reporting the State of public safety, internationally; focusing on successful practices that build partnerships between police practitioners and communities; as well as drawing attention to other successful police practices in relation to maintaining order enforcing laws, and serving the community.

This conclave is a four-day interface on specific issues relevant to the Innovations in policing, where police officers and Research practitioners from all around the globe will be participating and exchanging ideas and concepts. The conclave is hosted by the Kerala Police and with IPES with the approval of the Kerala Government. The conclave also facilitates interaction and exchange of ideas and opinions on all aspects of policing. The agenda is structured to encourage dialogue in both formal and informal settings.

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