Clean Campus Safe Campus

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The Kerala Government has launched a widespread campaign aimed at arresting the rising prevalence of substance abuse and other inappropriate social behaviour among students through a program called 'Clean Campus, Safe Campus'. The departments of Home, Education & Health have come together to give shape and implement this long-term campaign that will target students upto standard 12 in the first phase.

Kerala government decided to launch this awareness campaign taking a serious note of large-scale sale of narcotic products in the vicinity of schools and colleges to rid campuses of the menace of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. As part of the project, Special Operation Groups have been constituted. During raids, apart from ganja, several other illegal drugs were also seized.

The main objective of the programme was to wean the students away from the use of these products through awareness creation. About 4.5 million students of 12,000 schools are part of the programme. The top Malayalam star Mammootty is the brand ambassador for the programme.

For the effective implementation of the Project, Government constituted a three tier committee as follows

  • School Level Monitoring Committee
  • District Level Monitoring Committee
  • State Level Monitoring Committee

Activities to be carried out by the School Level Monitoring Committee

  • Monitoring and reporting anti-social activities in the vicinity of schools like sale and use of tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, pornographic materials and eve-teasing.
  • Keeping a watchful eye to detect truancy among the students.
  • To act as a catalyst in channelizing and co-ordinating various agencies and organisations working for welfare and development of children.
  • Initiating action with the police and school authorities to prevent such illegal acts.
  • Creating a database of small shops and establishments frequented by students.
  • Conducting awareness classes for students, teachers and parents about the adverse effects of substance abuse and the physical, psychological social problems it creates.
  • Conducting campaigns related with environmental protection, road safety, cyber crimes, etc.
  • Organising programs and activities to effectively utilize free time of students.
  • To conduct counseling session for the children in need of professional help.
  • Installing a tracking system to ensure student safety and proper behaviour during their commuting to and from home and school.
  • To declare and ensure that School surroundings are Safe Traffic Zones.
  • Insisting on police patrol during school hours and police presence at the school gates at the time of convening and during breaks.
  • Random checking of belongings of the students with the help and permission of parents/guardians.
  • Collecting information about availability and sale of illegal material in Internet Cafes and CD shops near the schools and report to authorities
  • Encourage the child to report all instances of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect to the committee for initiating remedial action
  • To report to the concerned authorities when it is believed by the committee that a child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed.
  • Provide a caring, safe, nurturing environment in school for the overall development of students.

School Level Monitoring Committees are periodically reviewed by the District Level Committees. The District Level Monitoring Committee is responsible for reviewing the implementation of "Clean Campus Safe Campus" campaign. The District Level Monitoring Committee can set the law in motion against the violators and conduct surprise inspections to see if the campaign is being implemented in schools and to check whether the stated objectives are being met. This committee should meet at least once in three months.

State Level Monitoring Committee ensures that the District Level Monitoring Committees are functioning effectively by calling for periodic reports. This committee will meet at least once in six months. The Hon'ble Ministers of Home, Education and Health Departments will also review the functioning of the campaign periodically.

Last updated on Friday 27th of November 2020 PM