Kerala Police Welfare Bureau

The Police Welfare Bureau (PWB) is constituted under section 104 of Kerala Police Act 2011that intends to meet the welfare needs of Police force of the state. It has been functioning since November, 2011. The PWB is headed by the State Police Chief (SPC), under the chairmanship of an officer not below the rank of ADGP and Secretary not below the rank of IGP. The committee includes 10 advisory members fixed by the SPC from different ranks in the Police force for a period of two years. In addition, a nominee of Police Pensioners Welfare Association is also permitted to attend PWB meetings as Special Invitee. The committee will meet in frequent intervals to discuss and formulate various welfare measures and for implementing the same.

For the welfare activities and programmes, a Welfare Fund under PWB has been formulated since 2011 November. The sources of fund are mainly the subscription collected from Police Personnel and Officers. Subscription includes Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) per annum for Self Drawing officers (Have to remit in every November from 2011 onwards, up to retirement) and Rs.50/-(Rupees Fifty only) per month for Non-Self drawing officers. The members of PWB comprises of Police Constables to State Police Chief.

As a part of welfare measure, PWB is sanctioning Grant and Interest free loan to the serving personnel who are subscriber to PWB fund and grant to the retired personnel for serious ailments like Cancer, Kidney & Liver Problems (Non-alcoholic cause), Stroke/Paralysis, Cardio thoracic diseases, Spinal Cord & Neuro problems Serious permanent disabilities etc. Around 1.92 Crore rupees was sanctioned as interest free loan and 3.45 Crore as grant upto December 2014.

In addition, activities such as installation biogas plant, assistance to Police Kshemanikethan, One time grant to Subsidiary Police Canteens etc are also carried out in various police districts in the state as part of welfare measures.

Last updated on 07-01-2018