Central Police Canteen

Kerala Police for opening a new Subsidiary Central Police Canteens(SCPC) at AR Camp, Thiruvananthapuram City vide reference Order No.CXVII.2/CPC/2009-CPC-7230 dated 22.11.2011 of the Central Office, CPC, New Delhi with the canteen at GC CRPF Camp, Pallippuram, TVPM as the approved Master Canteen. As such the SCPC at AR Camp, TVPM City has already started functioning since January 2012. As agreed by the Govt.of Kerala, Branch Distribution Centre of SCPC, AR Camp, TVPM City was opened at the rate of one for each Revenue District in the State for purchase and sale of commodities purchased from the CPC. As such, 13 Police Canteens are working in other districts of the State as the Branch Distribution Centres of the Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, AR Camp, Nandavanam, Thiruvananthapuram City for administrative convenience. The average monthly turnover in respect of each Canteen is around Rs.50 lakhs. The average monthly turnover of 14 branches together will be roughly around Rs.4 crores.Out of 14 Canteens in the state the details are as follows.

Sl.No. Address of each Canteen No. of Canteen members
(Up to February 2015)
1 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Nandavanam AR Camp, Thiruvananthapuram City
2 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Kollam Branch, No. KC 44/972, Armed Reserve Camp Kollam-691001 3395
3 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, IV/476, Earth Grama Panchayat, Paruthipara, Valaya. P.O, Adoor Pathanamthitta- 691554 3926
4 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, District Police Headquarters Camp 42/70, Civil Station Ward Alappuzha Collectorate. P.O, Alappuzha- 688001 2935
5 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, XIV/64, Police Camp, Muttambalam Village Collectorate .P.O, Keezhukunnu, Kottayam -686002 3106
6 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, XIII/11 Vazhathoppu Panchayath AR Camp Painavu .P.O 2190
7 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, XVI/81, 82.83, A.R Camp Compound, Hill Palace, Thripunithura, Ernakulam- 682301 6451
8 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Thrissur Branch IX/131/143. Kerala Police Academy Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur-680631 7104
9 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Pirayiri Grama Panchayath , Old No. 19/349, New No. 17/264. A.R. Camp, Kallekkad. P.O, Palakkad- 678006 4765
10 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, MSP Camp, UP Hill, Building No.347, 348/XIII, Malappuram Municipality, Malappuram. P.O, Malappuram-676505 4068
11 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, 11/409, Constable Hostel, AR Camp, Kozhikode City - 67301 5054
12 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Building No.4 ,Ward No. XXII, A.R. Camp, Puthoorvayal. P.O, Meppai Panchayath, Wayanad - 673121 1201
13 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Building No.TTN/9/663, Kannur Municipality, Civil Station, Kannur - 670002 5661
14 Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Building No. 8/452, Madhur Panchayath, R.D.Nagar.P.O, Kasargod - 671125 1509

Now the DIG GO CRPF Pallippuram vide reference 3rd cited has informed that they will not be in apposition to supply CPC items to the aforesaid 13 Canteens as these Canteens are not registered with the Central Office CPC New Delhi. The average monthly turnover in respect of each Canteen is around Rs 50 lakhs. The average monthly turnover of 14 Branches together will be roughly around Rs 4 Crores.

Under the above circumstances, it is registered that orders may be issued:-

To affiliate the aforesaid 13 Canteens of the State also with the CPC New Delhi at the earliest. Sufficient space , sufficient staff and other infrastructure facilities for running the Canteen as per the stipulated norms have already been available in each Canteen.

The Kerala State being lineal and lengthy in shape due to its geographical features some difficulties are experiencing in supplying goods to the Northern districts from the Master Canteen, GO CRPF Camp, Pallippuram, TVPM being situated in the southern most part of the State and also there is considerable delay in the supply of goods.It will be easier for the Canteens in the Northern districts of the State from Thrissur onwards to procure commodities from the Central Police Master Canteen at CRPF Camp Peringome Kannur.Hence, it is requested to declare the Central Police Canteen at CRPF Camp, Peringome, Kannur as the approved Master Canteen of the Subsidiary Central Police Canteens at Northern districts (Thrissur/ Palakkad/ Malappuram/ Kozhikkod/ Wayanad/ Kannur/ Kasaragod) and the existing Master Canteen at GO CRPF Camp, Pallipuram, Thiruvananthapuram for the Southern districts (Thiruvananthapuram/ Kollam/ Pathanamthitta/ Alappuzha/ Kottyam/ Idukki/ Ernakulam) of the state. The Canteens will be functioning in single point system for administrative convenience related to Auditing/Tax payment/Goods transfer & adjustment etc.

Last updated on 07-01-2018