Women Self Defense Training Program

The vulnerability of women and young girls is a major factor contributing to the instances of crime against women. In most of the cases of crime against women the culprits are weaker individuals but the docility ascribed to the victims by centuries of male dominated society fuel the perpetrators of ghastly attacks from the culprits. As a confidence building measure and to integrate the women in society to fight against atrocities with unity, the Kerala Police Department has formulated and implemented a project to provide Self Defense Training to women and young girls in all Districts. The program is now being going on all over the state fervently creating much hope and enthusiasm among the sections of women like school- college students, office goers and other working women, house wives and the like.

Women Self Defense Training Program is a unique initiative of Kerala Police under its Community Policing Project. This project aims at empowering women through comprehensive awareness and practical training program. It aims at imparting training to one lakh women this year. Already more than 3.8 lakh women have been trained in two years under this mammoth initiative. This special programme for women’s self defense has become extremely popular among the women folk of Kerala. No agency ever in our country ventured to impart WSDT hands- on training in such a big scale. When completed this would be a record. The salient features of the project are: Empowering women through comprehensive awareness and practical training program that includes -

  • Confidence building tips to transform from a victim nature to smart nature.
  • Awareness on Legal aspects of crime against women
  • Awareness on Police facilities for ensuring the safety of women
  • Simple defense techniques to combat various threat situations like bag snatching, chain snatching, Sexual attacks, eve teasing, bus/ metro threats, lift attack, ATM attack, domestic violence etc.
  • Nature of attacks and attackers and how to confront a dangerous situation.
  • Awareness on Aspects of women empowerment.

As part of the program, permanent training centers will be set up in all districts in addition to local training programs. The centers will prepare women to defend themselves during incidents of physical conflict. They will be trained in physical defense techniques to protect themselves from harassment on buses and trains, chain-snatching, acid attacks, sexual assault, domestic violence and harassment inside closed spaces such as lifts and ATMs. The defense techniques will be quite simple compared to complex fighting forms such as Karate and Kalari and they can be learnt within a short period of time. Apart from physical self-defense methods, the centers will conduct programmes to raise awareness of laws that protect women’s rights, methods to prevent harassment and systems for police protection from harassment. The training will include psychological techniques to improve confidence and individually among women. A syllabus of 40- 60 hours in total has been devised for the programme. The permanent training centers have been set up in 19 police districts, at a cost of Rs.3 lakh each. A state level center will also be set up in Thiruvananthapuram. Apart from this, training programmes centred on schools, colleges, office complexes and residents’ associations are also being held in all districts. Above 600 female police officers across the State have been trained to conduct the programme. The Kerala Government has accorded sanction of rupees one crore for this project.

Last updated on 07-01-2018