Kerala Police Launches Digital Applications for Public Safety

The Kerala Police is in the forefront of using technology for improving safety and also for better service delivery to the public. These include an array of Mobile applications developed to cater to specific needs and also new platforms like chat bots etc for better connectivity. Some of the initiatives are given below.

Mobile APP – Raksha for General Information and Police Help.

Wherever you are stay in touch!! An official application of Kerala Police. Here, you will get updated regularly on the activities and services of Police in Kerala. Various information such as Alert messages, Safety Tips, Traffic Information etc will be available. A telephone directory that has the phone numbers, E-mail IDs of all relevant police officials will be available in the application. Several E-services such as online payment of traffic penalties are also available. All news regarding the Kerala Police will be updated in the App. Users could ask their queries regarding the services and projects of Kerala Police through this application.

The main features of the ‘Raksha’ are as follows

Emergency Helpline: It includes the emergency helpline numbers of Police, Crime Stopper, Women Helpline, Child Line, Highway Alert, Railway Alert, Railway Alert, Message Centre, and Intelligence Alert.

Telephone Directory: It includes phone number and email ids of all police officers including Police Headquarters and 19 Police Districts.

Nearest Police Station: User can get the current location of the user and jurisdiction of the police station at user’s current location in Google map. User can get the contact details of the nearest police station and can make a call to the concerned police station. Also user can navigate to the police station currently selected. This will be done using Google Map services.

Alerts: It shows the important updates like announcement to public, press releases etc

Information: It includes a brief regarding Citizen Charter, Right to Service Act, Right to Information Act, Cyber Tips, Advice to Foreigners, Crime Prevention Tips, Guidelines to PCC, and Services by Finger Print Bureau.

Know Kerala Police: It contains the details of Kerala Police including the history of Kerala Police and a brief of different units of Kerala Police such as SBCID, CBCID, SCRB, FPB etc. in English and Malayalam languages.

Traffic: It contains a brief regarding the different traffic offences and penalties, speed limits in different location, different traffic signals and general instructions / mind set while driving.

News & Events: It contains important news and events regarding Kerala Police.

Women Security: It includes a brief note on Women Self Defence, the various programmes for women safety.

FAQs: It contains frequently asked questions related to different police services and other related matters. User can also post their query with name and email id using this app.

Social Media: User can know the important updates of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts of Kerala Police

Gallery: User can view the photos of important events of Kerala Police

E – Services: By using this, one can check the petition status, passport status, pay camera fines and also download citizen copy of FIRs. ( This is achieved through linking with our web service

Innovative Projects: This includes the major innovative projects of Kerala Police including CCTNS, Janamaithri Suraksha, Student Police Cadet, Sabarimala Virtual Q, Cyber Dome, cOcOn, Subhayathra, Pink Police Patrol.

On first launch of the application, the person installing should provide name, mobile number, address, Mobile number shall be validated via OTP SMS. One can download Raksha mobile app from Google Play Store by free of cost.

Mobile APP - Citizen Safety that helps to ensure Travel Safety

Panic Message

App will have a soft button and a hard button as a Panic button. Hard button will be a fixed time of continuous press of power button.When the users press the panic button panic message will be send to the control room. On receiving the panic message in control room Police will act accordingly as the situation demand.

Trip Tracking

This feature will help women commuters to take photo of driver and vehicle registration number and send the same to the Police Control Room. App allows users to share their travelling route with others [Family members, relatives] so that they can track the journey of app users in real time.

Initiate SMS

App allows users to initiate SMS to the predefined emergency contact numbers on emergency.

Initiate Call

App user will able to initiate voice call to a TOLL-FREE number by tapping on the call button from app home screen on emergency.

Mobile APP - Know Your Police Jurisdiction

App shows the user’s current location and the jurisdiction police station of user’s current location in Google map.

The contact details of the jurisdiction police station, contact of all higher offices in which the police station comes, contact of Women’s cell, Traffic units, senior citizen etc. are listed.

Users can call and send SMS to the contact number (using dialer and messages)

The user can navigate to the police station currently selected. This will be done using Google Maps services.

The user can select a location in the map other than the user’s current location and canview the jurisdiction police station of that location.

Mobile APP - Dial a Cop

Dial A Cop is an android native mobile application indigenously developed by Kerala Police which is intended to make the communication between Kerala Police and Public very easy. It allows Public to contact Kerala Police or to reach a Police station in an emergency situation, which widely accepted by the public of Kerala.


1. Telephone Directory.

Around 2000 land phone numbers, mobile numbers, E-Mail ID, Fax, VPN details of all police stations and other police offices in searchable form. “Category wise” list of the contacts are also available in this mobile application. Emergency contacts are grouped under “Emergency List” so that users can find out emergency contact numbers very easily.Users can make call, send SMS, email directly from this app.Frequently used mobile numbers can be added to a “Favourite List” which makes further number lookup ease.The mobile app “sync” with application server on each launch through which a change in the contact information can be updated in the mobile app.Navigation to Police Station is also given long with the contact information of a Police Station.

2. CUG (Closed User Group) Mobile Numbers.

The CUG number of each police officer can be find using this app by using “CUG search”. The search can be performed by giving Name, GL Number, Rank, Unit etc.The app provides a facility to save the CUG numbers in it so that users can use them in future.The app provides a feature by which users can find out who is using a particular CUG number.

3. Caller ID Feature.

If the app user getting a call from a CUG mobile number or from a Police Office the app display a pop up with information regarding the caller , same as “True Caller”.

4. Contact Sharing.

Contacts listed in this mobile application can be shared through SMS, WhatsApp etc. Any SMS received by users can share to the contacts of this app.

5. Nearest Police Station.

The app will lists three nearest Police Stations based on user’s current location. Upon selecting any one nearest police station app will provides navigation to the selected police station with the help of Google Navigation API.

6. Push Message.

Kerala Police can reach Public in the form of Push notifications. Traffic Alerts, News and Events, Tenders and Auction Notices, Look out notices and Missing Person alerts etc from Kerala Police can send to the app users in the form of Push notification. Sharing of push notification through SMS, Social Media, and Email etc. is also possible. Option to subscribe/unsubscribe a specific set of notification is also available to the users.

Last updated on 07-01-2018