Janamaithri Suraksha - the background

Justice K.T. Thomas Commission, appointed by the Government of Kerala to suggest Police Reforms submitted its report in 2006. The report recommended that the Government should implement Community Policing on an experimental basis. Accordingly the Government asked the Police Department to prepare and submit a draft scheme. The draft scheme submitted by the Department in 2007 was discussed elaborately at various levels and based on suggestions/ recommendations by various persons a final project was prepared by the Police Department. The project in a nutshell is discussed below.

Janamaithri Suraksha Project is the community policing project of the Kerala Police. The project is structured so as to facilitate closer community involvement in ensuring security and safety within communities. The project envisages to achieve the following objectives.

  • To prevent crime
  • Co-operation of the Police and the Public in security matters
  • To ensure mutual co-operation of members of the public in the domain of security

The project envisages to strengthen the Police by achieving the support of the local community. It is not a project aimed at bettering the image of the Police. It is also not a project wherein police duties are performed by the citizens. Rather it is a project to professionally strengthen Police and increase its accessibility to the needy public through close interaction with and better understanding of the public. Through the Beat Officers, every citizen living in the area will be known to the Police and every citizen will be acquainted with the Beat Officers.

The project centres around Beat Officers who are Police Constables/Head Constables/ Asst. Sub Inspectors, specially selected and trained.

Last updated on 07-01-2018