Beat officer and his duties

For each residential area forming one “Jana Souhrida Beat”, consisting of around 1000 houses within an area of 3 square km there will be a Beat Officer. All the duties of the Police Station relating to patrolling, process service, petition enquiry, field verification, collection of public complaints, servicing of complaint boxes, etc. will be done, subject to proper supervision of the SHO, through such Beat Officer.

Within two or three months of becoming the beat officer, the Beat Officer should personally know atleast one member of every family living in his beat, all the roads and by-lanes in his allotted area, working habits of local people and their special needs on a house to house basis.

Atleast three days a week, the beat officer should be available for an hour or so at a pre-announced place in the beat so that anybody who wants to communicate anything to him without going to the police station may meet him there.

The Beat Officer is provided with a ‘Janamaithri Bike’ specially painted, depicting the Janamaithri Emblem.

The Beat Officer shall also maintain a Beat Register showing the daily activities and daily transactions with respect to the beat and such Beat Register shall be examined by the SHO everyday.

A Woman Police Constable is detailed as Assistant Beat Officer, so that problems of women could be addressed properly. The Women Police Constable is provided with a two wheeler.

The Beat Officers shall also attend the Janamaithri Suraksha Samithi Meetings every month. It is expected that the Beat Officer shall spend atleast 20 hours a week actually moving about and meeting residents in his beat.

It is essential that the Beat Officer conducts himself in an exemplary manner. Special Training Courses and periodical evaluations are done for making Beat Officers fully competent for the task.

Last updated on 07-01-2018