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  • Kerala Police bags four SKOCH awards

    The Kerala Police bagged the prestigious SKOCH Gold award of Police and Emergency Services for the rescue and relief operations undertaken by them in the devastating flood that hit the state last year. Apart from this, the Student Police Cadet Programme, HOPE Project and Pink Police Patrol project of Kerala Police have won the SKOCH Order of the Merit Award. Shri Anil Kant, Additional Director General of Police, received the awards on behalf of the State Police Chief at a function held in New Delhi on February 25, 2019. SKOCH Award, instituted in 2003, is the highest civilian honor in the country conferred by an independent organization .

    It recognises people, projects and institutions that go the extra mile to make India a better nation. The Award covers the best of efforts in the area of digital, financial and social inclusion. It encompasses the best of governance, inclusive growth, excellence in technology and applications, change management, corporate leadership, corporate governance, citizen service delivery, capacity building, empowerment and other such softer issues that get normally lost in the glamour and glitz of industry sponsored or advertising focussed jamborees.

    SKOCH Award comes with a backing of reputation of more than two decades. It is distinctive for its approach of selection of awardees, which is based on nomination, jury evaluation, presentations of shortlisted nominees, focus group discussions, interactions and peer evaluation. The SKOCH Award not only acknowledges exceptional achievers – organisations and individuals – but also spurs institutional guidance and best practices in the industry. It is a great honour and achievement for any organisation to receive SKOCH award. Kerala Police had not received SKOCH award so far till 2018.

  • SKOCH Order of Merit for Top Ranking Police and Emergency Services Projects in India

    During the unprecedented flood in Kerala in 2018, the Kerala Police conducted one of its biggest operations to provide rescue and relief to the flood ravaged and landslide victims in the state. Major search and rescue operations were undertaken between 15th August and 20th August. Number of Police Personnel deployed for search and rescue operations increased from less than 1000 in the first week of August to 2018 on 8th August. Between 8th August and 13th August on an average of 3,000 Police Personnel were deployed on a day. On 14th August it was increased to 4,051 and 10,267 on 16th August. From16th August to 20th August on an average 11,534 Police Personnel were deployed. 57,671 Police man days of work was undertaken for rescue operations. During that period alone 6,25,090 persons including women and children were rescued. Together from 2nd August to 20th August, 6,71,489 people could be rescued by the Police by deploying 90,034 man days of Police deployment.

    On an average, a total force of more than 10,000 officers and men participated in the rescue operations everyday beginning from August 8, 2018. The entire Police Force of the state got mobilized to be available at the shortest notice.The highest manpower of about 33,000 was deployed on August 23, 2018. Manpower from Armed Battalion, Coastal Police, RRRF, Thunderbolt Commandos and Women Battalion, officials from all Police Special Units like Crime Branch, Kerala Police Academy and State Crime Records Bureau were also pressed into service. Officers of all ranks from Police Constable to ADGP, even the State Police Chief have done the field work. In the phase II of the operation, the manpower deployed was between 10,000 and 15,000 per day, who got involved in various rehabilitation exercises.

    The search and rescue operations were supported by the fishermen enlisted by Police through Kadalora Jagratha Samithies and Coastal Security. On 14th August 2018, 163 fishermen with 48 boats were mobilized. It increased to 2605 and 3324 on 16th and 17th August respectively. A maximum of 1018 boats were deployed on 17th August. Between 14th and 20th August 12,299 man days of work was undertaken by the Fishermen. Policemen and fishermen worked together.

    The Police have also mobilized Police vehicles, boats and tipper lorries for rescue and relief operations. Between 14th and 20th August 4153 man days of boats, 3868 man days of tipper lorries and 6596 man days of police vehicles were deployed for rescue and relief work. On an average, between 15th and 20th August, 617 Tipper Lorries were used on a day for rescue operations. A total of 3868 man days of tipper lorries were deployed for rescue operations.

    The shortage of life saving equipments and accessories was the single most hurdle in search and rescue operations. Total available Life Jackets in Kerala Police were only 153. In order to expand the rescue operations, life jackets were borrowed from different agencies. On 18th August police used 964 life jackets. Many a time Policemen ventured into water without life jackets, risking their lives.

    As a part of search and rescue operations, the police mobilized its full manpower and vehicles. From less than 100 vehicles during the first week of August, on an average of 746 vehicles were deployed during peak rescue work between 14th and 20th August. As on 18th August, 932 vehicles were on road ferrying rescue teams and people affected by floods. Student Police Cadets have also helped the Police personnel to carry out relief and rescue operations. About 40,000 cadets who were part of the SPC program during the flood season, 15,000 cadets who have graduated to their Xth grade after successful completion of the two year training program and 5,000 SPC alumni members have supported the Police during the Kerala Flood 2018. The Community Policing Programme also helped immensely in rehabilitation work.