The State Police Chief's online grievance redressal program will take place on 28th January, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of February.

    Grievances from the personnel of Thiruvananthapuram City and Thiruvananthapuram Rural will be considered on 28th January. Petitions should be sent before 23rd of this month for the above adalath. Petitions from KAP 2nd, 3rd and 5th will be considered on 4th February. The last date for receipt of petitions is February 1.  Petitions in Palakkad and Pathanamthitta districts will be considered on 11th February and in Malappuram and Kottayam districts on 18th February.  The closing date for submitting petitions are 8th February and 12th February respectively.  Petitions in Thrissur City and Thrissur Rural will be considered on 25th February.  Closing date is 20th February. Complaints should be sent to  Mobile number should be written in the complaint. Helpline Number: 9497900243.

     The program titled SPC talk with Cops, considers service related and personal complaints of in-service and retired police officials. These can be resolved directly by bringing into the notice of the State Police Chief. Salient feature of the program is that any police personnel can lodge complaint directly, without routing it through their superior. Spouse of the police personnel can also file complaint.