Promotions - Range/District Orders

Date Rank Details
05-03-2020 Kannur Range Promotion of RASI to RSI for the period from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2018.
05-03-2020 Kannur Range Promotion of ARHC to RASI of Kannur Range for the period from 01.11.2013 to 01.05.2017.
28-02-2019 Thiruvananthapuram Range Notional Promotion of ASIs (GE) as SI (GE).
28-02-2019 Thiruvananthapuram Range Promotion of SCPOs (GE) as ASIs of Police (GE)- Orders issued.
31-01-2019 Thiruvananthapuram Range Promotion of ASIs of Police (GE) as SIs of Police (GE)- Orders issued.
23-01-2019 Thrissur City Temporary Promotion of ASI(GE) as SI (GE)- Posting Orders Issued
18-01-2019 Thrissur Range Temporary Promotion of ASIs(GE) as SIs(GE)
09-01-2019 Thiruvananthapuram City Regularisation of provisional promotion to the cadre of SCPO from1/1/2009to1/1/2017
04-01-2019 Thiruvananthapuram Range Promotion and posting of AR HCs (closed AR) as RASIs(Closed AR)-Orders issued.
31-12-2018 Thrissur Range Filling up of vacancies in Kerala Civil Police -filling up of existing vacancies in the cadre of Sl(GE) in Thrissur Range - by implementing the orders of the Hon'ble High Court Dtd:31/l0/2O18 on A06/2018 in OP(KAT) No.506/2018 &lA No.4/2018 in 102/2018.
29-12-2018 Thiruvananthapuram Range Promotion of SCPOs(GE) as ASIs (GE)- Orders issued.
28-12-2018 Thiruvananthapuram Range Promotion of SCPOs (GE) as ASIs (GE)- Orders issued.
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