Executive Directive - 2019

ED. No. Subject Date
38/2019 Detection of Traffic Offences - Use of digital equipments & technology and avoidance of complaints of harassment - compliance with Court directions and existing circulars 30-11-2019
37/2019 Construction of buildings in police Department 23-10-2019
35/2019 Investigation of cases by Crime Branch - Submission of Investigation Completion Report - Instructions issued 17-10-2019
34/2019 Police Commemoration Day (October 21)- Instructions on various activities to be organised. 18-10-2019
32/2019 Intra departmental activities of police functioning - Image of police; Good inter-personal relations 26-09-2019
29/2019 Improvement in Traffic Management - Avoidance of unnecessary petty cases 08-09-2019
28/2019 Officers maintain good relations with officers of other Government Department 16-09-2019
27/2019 Importance of Health and physical fitness in Officers of Police Department 16-09-2019
26/2019 Counseling to police officials - Reduce Stress, avoid use of bad language, good health, proper conduct. 16-09-2019
25/2019 Senior Police Officers to be responsible for grave misconduct of juniors 29-08-2019
20/2019 Review of POCSO Act cases - Approval for charge sheeting POCSO cases. 07-08-2019
19/2019 Lapses in investigation and prosecution criminal cases 30-07-2019
17/2019 Providing previous history of accused persons while opposing the bail petitions etc. 15-06-2019
16/2019 Monthly subscription to Kerala Police Sports Fund 15-06-2019
15/2019 Suicides among the members of the State Police force- Need to implement measures to reduce stress among the members of the Force- Physical and mental wellbeing-mentoring directions. 22-06-2019
14/2019 Promotion and posting of Officers who are on deputation - Instructions issued 22-06-2019
13/2019 Grievances of SCs & STs –strengthening of Police response constitution of Sub Division Level Monitoring Committee 15-06-2019
11/2019 Body Worn Cameras and Vehicle Mounted Cameras -General instructions 02-05-2019
09/2019 Diet Allowance - Instructions - Regarding 05-04-2019
08/2019 Implementation of new Riot Drill and Handgun Drill in Kerala Police 03-03-2019
07/2019 Duties and responsibilities of newly designated Addl. SPs / Addl. DCPs 28-03-2019
06/2019 Check list for Investigation of Murder Cases (Internal circulation only) 11-02-2019
05/2019 Police Headquarters-Audits conducted by various Agencies-furnishing of replies to Audit Queries 24-01-2019
04/2019 Action against Cyber Harassment – Standard Operating Procedure 07-02-2019
03/2019 Officers nominated for Training / Workshop / Seminar- Instructions issued - Reg. 21-01-2019
02/2019 Duties and responsibilities of newly designated Additional SPs. 17-01-2019
01/2019 Avoiding changes / modifications in plan and elevation of buildings after awarding the work. 23-01-2019
Last updated on 24-11-2019