PHQ Circulars - 2017

Circular No. Subject Date
32/2017 Police interference in civil disputes - Order of Sole Arbitrator or Arbitrators or Arbitration Tribunal not to be acted upon or assistance given for implementation unless enforcement of such order is directed by the civil court - instructions 27-11-2017
31/2017 Revision of Annual Confidential Report forms of Police Officers (Gazetted and Non Gazetted) 06-11-2017
30/2017 Deputation/Foreign Service -- Extension beyond 5 years -instructions issued 21-11-2017
29/2017 Preliminary Enquiry - Registration Report - Reg. 09-11-2017
28/2017 Badges of Honour - Institution & Investiture - Further Instructions 01-11-2017
27/2017 Illegal Re-transmission by cable operators of on-going lndia Vs Australia Cricket Series, 2017 on DD Channel telecasted by Prasar Bharati - legal provisions and the judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and orders of Hon'ble High Court to be complied with‐ instruction 16-10-2017
26/2017 Not issued
25/2017 Strengthening the concept of victim Liaison Officer as a part of Justice to victims of crimes and protection of witness in the light of the judgments of Hon,ble High Court of Kerala and Hon,ble Supreme Court of India 21-10-2017
264/C4/HOME/2017 Appointment of Special Public Prosecutors-Guidelines and Procedures-Modified 18-09-2017
24/2017 Sexual offences against children - flaws in the investigation of offences under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO) to be minimized and statutory time limit for the disposal of the case to be strictly adhered to - Instructions 03-10-2017
23/2017 Communication with families of victims-Instructions-Issued 28-08-2017
22/2017 Sexual offences against women and children - Iegal provisions and Supreme Court guidelines to be strictly complied with by the Police in investigation - directions issued 25-08-2017
21/2017 Procedure prescribed by Juvenile fustice (Care and Protection of Children) Act,201,5 []l Act) and the Model Rules issued by Central Government to be complied with - directions issued 25-08-2017
20/2017 Punishment Rule - Delaying of Charge Memo-Regarding 17-08-2017
19/2017 Implementation of effective disposal of Complaints from General Public –Regarding 19-07-2017
18/2017 Use of Beacon Light on Police Vehicles –Clarification 25-08-2017
17/2017 Enforcement of Traffic rules – Drunken driving – Use of Breath analyzer 17-07-2017
16/2017 Requirement of Justification for frequent transfer of Police Officers –Regarding 30-06-2017
15/2017 Use of Beacon Light on Police Vehicles 28-06-2017
14/2017 General provident fund (Kerala) Rules – withdrawal from the fund revision of upper monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning Officers of Police Department 05-06-2017
13/2017 Not issued
12/2017 Canceled
11/2017 Not issued
10/2017 Not issued
09/2017 Guidelines for the issuance of Interpol Notices, especially Red Notices 14-03-2017
08/2017 HIV/AIDS – Technical knowhow of HIV/AIDS by means of Audio visual media and lectures for Police Personnel by the AIDS control foundation – instruction 13-02-2017
07/2017 Regarding release of seized vehicles by Police on petty Cases 31-01-2017
06/2017 Categorisation of Grave Crimes - Regarding 02-02-2017
05/2017 Canceled
4/2017 Procurement and distribution of prepaid CUG SIM Cards in the Police Department – The upkeeping of the SIM Cards – Instruction 23-01-2017
03/2017 Highway Police - New instructions issued 18-01-2017
02/2017 Publishing of photographs and videos of habitual criminals and notorious offenders in public interest through social media etc. 12-01-2017
01/2017 House-trespass under section 45l lPC and House-trespass having made preparation, for hurt, assault and wrongful restraint under section 452 lPC to be distinguished for the purpose of registering FIR - guidelines 05-01-2017
Last updated on 28-12-2017