Spark Forms

FORM No. Form Details
1 Govt. of Kerala vide GO(Rt) No. 81/07/ITD Dtd 24/04/2007 had introduced SPARK Form No. 1 which shall be compulsorily be obtained duly filled by the fresh hands who join in Govt. Service. The same shall be obtained when they report for joining duty in service. The details in the SPARK Form No. 1 shall be entered in SPARK for getting Permanent Employee Number (PEN) for the new employee.
2 For Heads of Departments to nominate Department Management User (DMU) for allotment of user authentication by System Administrator (SPARK).
3 The Head of Office shall use this form for nominating DDO/Establishment user authentication for his subordinates. The duly filles Form No. 3 shall be forwarded to the Department Management User concerned for getting the user authorisation.
4 Self Drawing Officer and individual users can use this Form for obtaining Relavant Access in SPARK. For ontaining user authorisation this Form shall be forwarded to the Department Management User concerned with the counter signature of the Superior Officer.
5 Application Form for Setting Controlling Officer in SPARK
6 HRA Change request Form.
8 New Office Creation in Spark
Last updated on 31-05-2018